Real Estate Occupiers

  • IPD Occupiers was started for a very simple reason. We believe passionately that data helps you make better, more informed decisions. Our idea is simple - capture the right data, enrich it through quality analysis and present it simply.
  • IPD Occupying Multinational Service is the flagship service for multinational occupiers. It is designed to assist corporate real estate teams manage, report and optimise their portfolios in EMEA, APAC and BRIC regions as well as North and Central America.
  • The IPD National Membership Service is our flagship service for property occupiers. It gives a building level view of their total occupancy costs (TOC) by integrating real estate and facilities support costs with space utilisation performance.
  • For performance-driven organisations, it is important that both building efficiency and its impact on employee productivity are understood. The IPD Workplace Effectiveness service delivers evidence of how well the worksplace supports employees in their work.
  • We offer a range of consultancy services. Our focus is to support customers develop a strategic performance framework, implement our GEMCode and undertake value for money testing.