Research Updates

South African property returns slow in 2014


The IPD South Africa Annual Property Index, released on the 25th March 2015, shows the South African investment property sector delivered an ungeared total return of 12.9% in 2014 - down from 15.9% in 2013.

Stable performance in the Swedish residential sector


The Swedish Residential Property Index gave a total return of 7.6% for 2014, 0.7 percentage points above the 2013 level.

When real estate metrics matter


MSCI recently released its Global Cities results to the global real estate occupier community. The results provided an insight into vast differences in key metrics across major global cities.

Exploring the improvement in Norway's property performance


Norwegian property delivered a total return of 8.2% in 2014, representing a 230bps improvement from 2013. Income return stayed relatively stable at 5.7% (5.8% in 2013), but capital growth improved from practically zero to 2.4%.

Asset-to-Fund Reconciliation


The purpose of the Asset-to-Fund Reconciliation paper is to assess, test and evaluate alternative methods for performing asset-to-fund performance reconciliation for real estate specialist investment vehicles.

IPD Australia Quarterly Property Index hits 30 year milestone


With the recent release of the Q4 2014 results for the Property Council / IPD Australia Quarterly Property Index, there's now a full 30 years of performance history available for Australian commercial real estate, a level of historical coverage which few real estate markets can match.

PREA / IPD U.S. Quarterly Property Fund Index at Q4 2014


On 18 February 2015, Greg MacKinnon of Pension Real Estate Association ('PREA') and Elizabeth Francis of MSCI, unveiled via webinar the results of the PREA / IPD U.S. Quarterly Property Fund Index for Q4 2014.

New Zealand commercial real estate returns improve in 2014


The latest Q4 2014 results from the PCNZ/IPD New Zealand Quarterly Property Index showed that commercial property returns in New Zealand have improved, with the all property annual total return as at December 2014 at 12.0%, up 75 basis points on the same period last year.

Swedish returns rise alongside IPD coverage levels


The recently released IPD Sweden Annual Property Index showed that for 2014, total returns rose to 8.1 %, driven by capital growth. In real terms the return in 2014 was higher than long term investments both at 15 and 31 years.

IPD/Ulster University Northern Ireland commercial property report


The improving performance of UK commercial property throughout 2013 along with the significant rebound in the Republic of Ireland has helped bring investor returns from Northern Ireland commercial property back into positive territory.

Guest update - Real Estate Investing: Go Global?


Canadian Investor relations and business development professional Catherine Ann Marshall CFA, gives her take on the recent release of the RealPAC/IPD Canada Quarterly property Index and the presentation of the results in Toronto.

Helping Governments understand Green Issues


Representatives from MSCI's Japanese operation were recently invited by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to speak at its Green Property Promotion Study Committee on 26th January 2015, helping the audience connect the dots of sustainability with property investment for investors.

The Irish property market in 2014


Commercial property has been through a turbulent decade in Ireland. From a peak during 2007 which had placed Ireland, and particularly Dublin, as amongst the best performing, but also most expensive markets in the world, to the severest property crash experienced by any developed market between 2009 and 2013, performance has been volatile which timing the key to success.

Is there still value in the Irish commercial property market?


Last year saw sustained recovery in the Irish commercial property market with Dublin leading the way. Investors from all corners of the globe have been enthusiastically acquiring discounted assets as the great deleveraging of Ireland accelerates.

2014 - A stellar year?


Capital continues to fuel performance in the asset class - but there are increasing questions over its sustainability.

On the road to recovery


Over the last two years, the principal investors in the Spanish property market have provided IPD and Tinsa with their forecasts on the major trends in the real estate market. Spanish economic growth, real estate yields and rent levels were among the twenty variables predicted by a group of respected market players.

Pan-European fund performance at seven year high


Pan-European real estate funds returned 4.3% over the 3 months to September 2014 (measured in Euros) according to the latest results of the IPD Pan-European Quarterly Property Fund Index. This is the highest total return performance since December 2006.

The investment of insurance companies in real estate


The Asociacion ICEA (Investigacion Cooperativa entre Entidades Aseguradoras y Fondos de Pensiones), with the collaboration of MSCI Real Estate - IPD, has conducted a research study on "The investment of insurance companies in real estate."

The Challenges of Measuring Commercial Real Estate


The global stock of investable commercial real estate is worth an estimated USD 7 trillion and real estate assets are the leading alternative investment in multi-asset portfolios. However, compared to 'traditional' asset classes like bonds and equities, real estate is difficult to measure due to the heterogeneous nature of the assets, low transaction volumes and the private nature of many real estate markets.

Optimism growing for lease-savvy investors


As a barometer for the wider economy, commercial property is a strong indicator of sentiment. Demand for retail space reflects greater consumer spending while demand for office space highlights growth in enterprise.

Insights into real estate investment market size


During the first half of 2014, the research team at MSCI Real estate conducted a survey into the professionally managed real estate investment market size. The research involved a focus on including all professionally managed portfolios in the market where MSCI has got national real estate indexes.

Dutch residential rents and yields: better insights in a fast growing investment segment


Earlier this month, Ortec Finance published a research paper on the rents in the Dutch residential investment market. Bert Teuben, Vice President at MSCI, was one of the co-authors of this publication.

UK Primary healthcare; Property's consistent cousin


UK Primary healthcare property has become a recognized sector within the large scale, professionally managed real estate investment market. While the market for high quality, purpose built premises is dominated by specialist developer/investors such as Assura, Medicx and Primary Health Properties, the return profile of the asset class has captured the attention of the wider investment community.

London West End buoys the UK market


The last twelve months have seen investment performance improve across the majority of UK and European markets, and the performance of London has played a key part in this improvement.

Studying the behaviour of French office tenants


In the new edition of the French Lease Event Report, MSCI and Deloitte have analyzed the main characteristics of office leases in France in 2013, particularly the lease length of new leases, the rate of units that became vacant and rent negotiations.

Time to hedge your bets on Real Estate?


Investment allocation to the alternative real estate sectors is growing at a noticeable rate, as demonstrated by the changing structure of the IPD UK all property index. Certain sectors such as healthcare, student accommodation and the Private Rented Sector are fast becoming core asset classes and the residential sector can maybe already be classed as such.

Capital Gains - How scarcity and demand continue to fuel rental growth in London's West End


Every year, IPD undertakes a major market research project in conjunction with Colliers International on what is arguably the world's leading office market - the West End of London.

Facts from the Canada index surprise industry experts


On September 23 2014. Simon Fairchild of IPD, the real estate arm of MSCI, took to the stage to take viewers through the results of the REALpac / IPD Canada Quarterly Property Index for the first half of 2014 via a webinar recorded in IPD's Toronto office.

What do investors want?


IPD's Head of Alternative Investments, Mark Weedon, takes us through his experience of the RESI property conference. For anyone with a professional interest in the residential property industry there's only one place to be in the second week in September and that is Celtic Manor for Property Week's famous RESI conference.

Space - The final frontier for occupiers?


On Thursday 25th September, representatives from MSCI Real Estate, for which IPD provides the core content, came together with occupiers and investors from across the spectrum to launch their latest annual review of Global Cities and the IPD Blue Chip Index, which for the first time delivered benchmarks on 24 key global cities.

Potential for catch up of German real estate performance


For institutional investors within Continental Europe real estate has continued to gain importance due to its relatively high income return at a time of low interest rates in the bond markets. Despite this, many institutional investors are concerned by the opaqueness of real estate and are seeking better insights on a range of dimensions of performance and risk.

The desire for increased transparency in Danish real estate industry


Representatives from IPD recently attended the "Ejendomsdagene 2014" in Vejle, Denmark. Havard Bjora, Vice President and Head of Denmark, IPD, takes us through one of the burning issues discussed at the conference.

Understanding Risk - The Challenge for Investors in Japan


On September 4th, property and investment professionals from across Japan joined together at the second annual IPD/MSCI Real Asset Investment Conference in Tokyo.

Australian healthcare returns up, driven by strong income growth


Recently released Q2 2014 results showed that healthcare returns in Australia have improved, led by private hospitals. The healthcare sector's annual total return as at June 2014 was 12.5%, up 168 basis points on the same period last year.

Australian hotel returns rebound


The latest IPD figures for Q2 2014 show that hotel returns have improved in recent quarters, driven by higher occupancy rates and growing revenue per available room (RevPAR).

Office sector leads New Zealand commercial property returns


The PCNZ/IPD New Zealand Quarterly Property Index results for Q2 2014 have shown a total return of 11.1% for the year-ending June 2014. This was comprised of 7.7% income return and 3.1% capital growth.

IPD research shows why Irish investors' eyes might be smiling


Quarterly returns from Irish commercial real estate accelerated to 8.5% in the second quarter of 2014, their highest level since Q2 2006, and ahead of the imposing 7.2% return recorded in the first three months of 2014.

IPD / SPR RealWorld Conference - Day two


Real Estate Researchers met at St John's College, Cambridge on July 10th & 11th for the IPD / SPR RealWorld Conference to network and discuss the strategies for accessing real estate investment.

IPD / SPR RealWorld Conference - Day one


Real Estate Researchers met at St John's College, Cambridge on July 10th & 11th for the IPD / SPR RealWorld Conference discuss strategies for accessing real estate investment.

Dutch municipality social properties not yet covering their cost


The IPD Netherlands Municipality Property Benchmark of real estate owned by Dutch municipalities showed that costs exceeded income by 13 Euros per sq m.

IPD's Phil Tily talks about the new IPD UK Social Housing Index


Measuring the economic performance of real estate portfolios has been the core of our business for more than 25 years.

Wide variations for German residential investment despite strong market performance


German residential properties achieved a total return of 8.3% in 2013 carrying forward the strong performance seen in recent years. Since 2011 the residential sector surpassed 7% each year at an average of 7.8% pa.

A Decade of Private Equity Real Estate Investing, at PERE European Summit London


To mark the tenth year of the PERE Summit, Peter Hobbs provided a wide-ranging review of the past decade of private equity real estate investing. This presentation covered cyclical and structural changes in the market, and some of the longer term implications for the evolution of the asset class.

IPD Session at the ERES Annual Conference 2014


IPD has proudly supported the annual conference of the European Real Estate Society (ERES) for a number of years and were pleased to be associated with this year's event which took place in Bucharest, Romania on 25-28th June.

Asia Investors in Europe, at ULI Trends Summit London June 2014


The finale of the ULI Trends summit in London involved a lively debate on the trends and issues associated with rising Asian investment in Europe.

IPD Pan-Asia Return Indicator shows continuing solid performance for 2013


The total return for Asian property investment in 2013 was 7.2%, rising from the 2012 figure of 5.8%, according to the IPD Pan-Asia Return Indicator.

The Italian market, the latest trends and the main performance indicators in the global context


In its annual appointment in Milan, IPD has presented the latest Italian property market results covering the full year 2013.

Continued strong momentum for IPD Global Property Fund Index to Q1 2014


The Q1 2014 results of the IPD Global Quarterly Property Fund Index released on 3rd June 2014, demonstrated the continued strong performance momentum in the early parts of 2013, with NAV returns of 2.3% for the quarter, an annualised rate of over 11.1%.

360 degree performance measurement for Fund Managers and Institutional Investors


Under the frescoed ceilings of Palazzo Altieri, in the presence of an audience of 140 professionals, IPD unveiled its new approach to performance measurement and benchmarking.

Single fund returns as an alternative approach to calculated risk


The demand for quantitative risk analyses applying value at risk or expected shortfall methodology arises from AIFM D regulations that require those techniques for all asset classes including real estate.

The Barra Private Real Estate Model - PRE2


Earlier this month, MSCI published a new research paper "The Barra Private Real Estate Model (PRE2)" that explains the enhanced model methodology and market insights for the analysis of private real estate across global real estate markets.

Investors helplessness to raise office rents in Germany


Real estate investors often act on the assumption that they are able to raise rental income by rent adjustment in the case of renewing lease contracts, new lettings or rent indexation. Analysing IPD's lease data not only by rental level but also by rent adjustment potential gives a more complex indication.

The challenges and risks of investing in Real Estate


The challenges, and risks, of investing the wave of capital headed into real estate was a central theme of the IPE Real Estate Awards, Munich May 15th 2014.

Measuring the benefits of green certification


For six years, IPD, has collected data on the financial, technical and environmental performance of 1,300 buildings (16 million square metres). The data has now revealed that in markets where demand is superior to supply, the higher the new building certification rating, the better the financial performance is.

IPD adopts IOSCO index and benchmark principles


IPD takes pride in its long history of defining and adopting best practice in Index and Benchmark policies and procedures. In line with this we are now incorporating the IOSCO Principles for Financial Benchmarks into our index business.

Strong increase of income return for Dutch social housing


On the 24th of April IPD presented the IPD Netherlands Annual Social Housing Index 2013 at The Colour Kitchen in Utrecht. Over 150 property professionals of Social Housing Associations and investment funds participated in this event.

Nordic property markets continue to attract domestic and foreign investors


The 10th IPD KTI Nordic Property Investment Briefing attracted some 120 property professionals to participate in debates around a series of research-based presentations on trends across and beyond the region.

German retail properties: outperformance and performance differences within the sector


German retail property has gained much investor attention in recent times. Five years ago, this sector accounted for 23% of institutional investors' portfolios, and at the start of 2014 reached 30%.

Inside the Global Annual Property Index


According to the IPD Global Annual Property Index, real estate provided a total return of 8.3% to investors in 2013, marking the fourth consecutive year of strong performance.

Exploring the Linkage between Listed and Direct Real Estate in Asia


The Asian Pacific Real Estate Association (APREA) recently held its annual Property Leaders Forum from the 8th to the 10th of April in Hong Kong. IPD participated in this event, with Executive Director Leslie Chua leading a breakout session on linkage between listed and direct property markets in the Asia Pacific region.

The Rise of Alternative Assets in UK Property Funds


Over the last 10 years there has been a significant rise in allocations to alternative real estate assets amongst UK property funds. The growth of specialist alternative property funds in the healthcare, leisure and student accommodation markets, alongside the emergence of long income funds, has played a major role in this trend.

IPD data shows huge range of performance for German open-ended public funds in liquidation


Over the last five years, 12 German open-ended real estate funds have gone into liquidation. This occurred in the wake of the Financial Crisis, when a large proportion of the investors in these funds chose to redeem their capital.

CEE showing signs of stability


The public launch of the CEE Index results during IPD's 8th CEE conference in Prague on the 3rd of April revealed a total return of 4.0% for standing investments was delivered in the year to December 2013.

Real Estate Sustainability and Investment Performance


Over the past three weeks, IPD has presented at three major conferences in three separate countries on the increasing momentum behind the measurement of sustainability across global markets.

Focusing on the how and the why of real estate investment


Nearly 200 people representing over 100 different organizations (asset owners, asset managers and institutional investment consultants) participated in the IPD Real Estate Investment Forum on April 2-3 in New York at the Roosevelt Hotel.

Real estate preferable investment in DACH market


Real Estate seems to be the preferred option among "Alternative" asset allocation within the DACH region according to a recent survey of some 140 asset owners by IPD.

Let's make the earth flat - setting global standards for real estate performance


Wherever they invest, multi-asset investors want to see a level playing field for the data they use to judge performance. Global equities and bonds investors are used to receiving standardized measures of performance, but real estate, like many of the 'alternative' investment types,lags behind.

Will diminishing returns continue in the Swiss market?


On March 27th IPD DACH launched the IPD / WŁest & Partner Switzerland Annual Property Index 2014 in Zurich. This year's results linked to the question of whether the trend of diminishing returns in the Swiss property market would continue.

Expectations rising in German market


Core investors in Germany such as insurance and pension funds are keen on achieving returns of at least 4% to distribute a steady income stream to their clients according to the results of a new IPD property index.

Dutch residential investments: a European perspective


Earlier this month, Finance Ideas magazine published a research paper on the Dutch residential real estate investment market in the context of five other European residential investment markets.

Developing the future of lending


As we emerge into a new era of real estate lending, clients are calling for the lessons of the recent crisis to develop new approaches and techniques to help them assess and manage both risks and opportunities.

IPD Germany looks at the potential of the EME"A" region


In the March issue of the German Real Estate Magazine "Immobilien Manager". Daniel Piazolo and Nora Rothacher examine the opportunities for international investors at the African continent. They revealed that for the real estate investor who has been already active in other emerging countries, the relative maturity of the African real estate markets is significant.

Shedding light on property fund performance globally


The IPD Global Quarterly Property Fund Index results for the fourth quarter of 2013 revealed not only healthier global real estate performance, but also enhanced IPD's coverage of the unlisted investible market.

Discussing the Best of London at MIPIM


Laurent Ternisien, Managing Director at IPD talks about extolling the virtues of London to an international audience.

AIFMD - New regulation or new mindset?


On 16th January 2014, IPD hosted a seminar for fund managers on the introduction of AIFMD in the Netherlands. The seminar’s theme was the practical implementation of the new European regulation. Many real estate fund managers in Europe are now...

Asset Owners reveal their risk management insights


Peter Hobbs, Managing Director of Research at IPD talks about the latest IPD research into the role of real estate for Asset Owners.

Bringing worldwide investors together to talk business


The IPD DACH office held its first webinar presenting Q4 results of the IPD / BVI German Institutional Fund Index SFIX on Wednesday 19th February.

IPD Germany confronts international real estate investment challenges


Pension funds and other large asset owners have traditionally shown a strong domestic market bias when investing in real estate. This has partly been because they have expected to meet practical hurdles when investing abroad, but also because of the lack of data available to compare investment returns in different countries.

Valuation reports as a source for social housing performance analysis


The information to be found in the valuation reports for social housing portfolios could be used for more purposes if the data they were based on was more uniform and readily-available. If that were the case, these reports could be exploited more widely for analyzing returns to capital as well as for reporting purposes.

Picture this: an asset is not the market


Risk versus return - New York and Chicago submarket and asset relationships, 2003 to 2012. The New York and Chicago office markets have produced very different patterns of investment returns over the last ten years.

IPD's development in Korea


IPD appoints Sungwon Cho to expand IPD's Korea business and IPD Korea index to be released March 2014, find out more.

IPD property fund index for reliable measurement across the globe


In the wake of the Global Financial Crisis, the governance of commingled funds improved and many institutional investors have shown a renewed interest in these vehicles, in particular the core ones. In parallel there has been a growing appeal for cross-border real estate investment, as investors broaden and diversify the geographic scope of their exposure.

First Ever Global Private Real Estate Risk Model Launched


MSCI has launched the new Barra Private Real Estate Models (PRE2), the industry's first global suite of private real estate multi-factor risk models. "Until now it has not been possible to measure and compare the risks of global real estate with other asset classes" said Roveen Bhansali, Managing Director and Head of Risk Management Analytics for MSCI.

The global view from Canada


Canada's real estate industry met in Toronto this December to discuss the latest global real estate trends during the Global Property Market conference at the Canadian Real Estate Forum. IPD's Greg Mansell set the scene with an overview of the latest performance figures from the IPD Global Property Fund Index and the IPD Intel global data sets.

Real Estate in the Multi-Asset-Class Portfolio


During the course of November, MSCI organised three separate events across three continents, focused on risk management for Asset Owners. Each event held specific sessions on the analysis of private real estate risks within the broader multi-asset-class context, and more specifically within real estate itself.

A different class


Real estate's unique attributes may have put it at a disadvantage in the past, but a better understanding of what it can offer investors should mean that its role in multi-asset portfolios becomes increasingly secure.

Real Estate Benchmarking comes of age in Asia


"Benchmarking" was a central theme of this year's IREI/APREA VIP event in Hong Kong, with specific sessions on this topic throughout the conference. As usual, the VIP conference attracted industry leaders from asset owners and managers to debate issues and opportunities facing investors in Asia.

How should corporate property and facilities management be judged?


IPD has recently produced its latest GEMCode, which sets out a performance framework for property occupiers on a global basis. At the Facilities Management and Property Event, held in London this October, IPD's Christopher Hedley explained to delegates the features of the new code, with its emphasis on defining occupier performance from the tenants' point of view.

Maintenance and social management: interlinked for Dutch social housing associations?


In October, IPD hosted a workshop at the annual KOVON conference, held in Apeldoorn. KOVON is a knowledge-sharing organisation in the field of building maintenance, in particular for social housing associations. The conference theme posed the question, "Is the performance of a maintenance budget likely to be better by in-sourcing or outsourcing?"

Does culture and practices influence the volatility in valuations?


Prior to the annual presentation in September of the IPD/RICS research, which compared valuations with transaction prices in the Dutch market, experts from Germany and the Netherlands got together to reflect on the perceived differences between valuations in both countries.

New IPD Global Intel: For a global asset class


IPD data already plays an essential role for the world’s leading real estate investment businesses. These information resources interlink through a consistent data structure worldwide, allowing for meaningful comparisons of property performance, as well as the detailed interrogation of return...

New GEMCode helping Occupiers attain global performance


In September, IPD Occupiers launched their tenth edition of the IPD Global Estate Measurement Code for Occupiers (GEMCode). The editor-in-chief, Christopher Hedley, in his presentation on the new IPD GEMCode, explained the overall objective of the 10th edition of the handbook.

IPD performance figures an essential basis for forecasting in mortgage banks


The IPD-Fachtagung conference on 'Real Estate Forecasting and Modelling', held in Frankfurt this September, discussed different approaches to forecasting and asset allocation in the real estate business. The event's presentations and discussions illustrated the different views and needs of investors and mortgage banks when using forecasts.

Commercial Real Estate Risk Conference provides risk analysis reponses to CRE regulation


IPD's Peter Hobbs presented a paper entitled 'Risk Analysis Responses to Commercial Real Estate Regulation', at the Commercial Real Estate Risk Conference in London this September.

Leverage has positive impact on global fund performance in Q2 2013


The third consultative release of the IPD Global Quarterly Property Fund Index took place earlier in September, with the full index still to be formally launched for Q4 2013. This data provides some interesting insights into the impact of leverage and other aspects of fund structuring on fund performance around the world.

Transactions Linked Indices reveal European market volatility


Real estate is gaining favour among alternative asset classes investors, due to its consistent income return and distinct risk profile. Smart beta strategies, now increasingly in vogue, stress the benefits of using these characteristics to increase diversification benefits and limit risks while targeting market levels of return.

German real estate indices and derivatives


During a lecture at the European Business School on 20 August 2013, IPD's Daniel Piazolo presented the arguments against, but also the opportunities for, the use of derivatives on real estate indices.

Improving transparency for real estate occupiers


On the 16th of September IPD Occupiers will be launching the first combined cost, space and efficiency measurement code for occupiers of commercial real estate.

Alternative assets drive strong returns in German Spezialfonds


German Spezialfonds with allocations outside of the conventional office, retail and industrial sectors are growing at a faster rate than in any other sector, according to the latest research from IPD Germany.

UK CRE lending seminar highlights role of IPD data in understanding the real estate cycle


A seminar in London, organised jointly by the Society of Property Researchers (SPR) and the Association of Property Lenders (APL) stressed the importance of lenders improving their understanding of the real estate cycle.

UK rural property performance within the wider investment market


​Rural, in terms of performance, has left most other forms of real estate trailing in its wake over the last 12 years, with returns more than doubling those in the mainstream commercial sectors.

Structural growth is pushing institutional investors to overcome barriers to the PRS


There have been announcements throughout 2012 and the first half 2013 of institutional investors either breaking into, or increasing their exposure to the UK Private Rented Sector (PRS).

Are demography and technology becoming the most important drivers of returns?


​Many of the 'alternative' real estate sectors to be discussed at the IPD Alternative Real Estate Investment Conference in October are not reliant on short term economic growth in the UK, which is increasingly steering the decisions of institutional investors.

Will investors move further up the risk curve as real estate performance improves outside of London


The latest IPD UK Quarterly Briefing revealed UK real estate returns rose to 1.9% in Q2, as assets outside of London started to see improvements alongside the growing UK economy.

First Australia, now Germany: The growing body of evidence suggesting sustainability does have an effect on real estate returns


During a recent lecture to the International Real Estate Business School at the University of Regensburg, IPD's Daniel Piazolo explained that the levels of sustainability in German property assets do have a quantifiable effect on commercial real estate returns.

Is the rest of Ireland likely to follow the prime office market?


After six years and one of the severest property recessions in recorded history, the Irish market seemed on the cusp of recovery at the end of June. Capital values, which had fallen by over 65% across 27 continuous quarters, finally stopped declining at the headline level, delivering 0.0%.

New global flows of money, and new markets, mean that some cities are bucking the trend


International real estate investment strategies allow for diversification through the different performance characteristics of national markets. For instance, the volatile returns of America and the UK can be offset by safer markets in Northern Europe.

Netherlands Investment Briefing: risk & return


IPD's Lorenzo Dorigo, on the panel at the Property EU Netherlands Investment Briefing at PROVADA in Amsterdam last month, presented IPD data on real estate performance in the Netherlands since the onset of the financial crisis in 2007.

Financial performance of French 'green' offices 2012


Premier Cercle - 18 juin 2013 Paris Indicateur vert 2012 de l'immobilier d'Investissement : Performance des bureaux verts

Investing in hotels in Asia Pacific: not as risky as you might think


The recent Pan-European hotels investment performance figures from IPD demonstrate the resilience of European hotel investments in what has been a tough economic climate, and a similar level of outperformance can be seen in the Asia Pacific region.

UK retailer's costs must fall to maintain profitability


According to AXA research the cost of occupancy for retailers needs to fall by 5% on average in the UK by 2016 to maintain profitability.

Growing disconnect between commercial property and UK economy?


Delegates were told at the IPD/SPR RealWorld conference that the poor economic performance of the UK was acting at a disconnect to prime commercial property prices, which are growing due to increasing investor pressure for reliable income producing assets.

Hotels: are they recession-proof?


It might be tempting to think that hotels are a luxury sector and are therefore particularly vulnerable in tough economic times. We can all survive without as many holidays when the money gets tight and even business travel is often at the more discretionary end of company budgets.

Rise in refurbishments and redevelopments shows changing trends in the UK development sector


The IPD UK Development Report, launched last week at joint seminars in London and Edinburgh, highlighted the growing proportion of refurbishments and redevelopments in the UK developments sector. In 2006, they accounted for just 28% of completions, and by 2012, this had risen to 62%.

Growing confidence of Dublin's market shows willingness by investors to edge up risk curve


The first major analysis into the performance of Dublin's office market since the onset of the financial crisis is being launched this week by IPD, in conjunction with Burlington Real Estate (BREL).

Pan-Asian real estate stable through the global downturn


Given the relative immaturity of its real estate markets, the IPD Pan-Asian Return Indicator has shown surprisingly limited volatility over the last six years, the period of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and downturn.

IPD examines real estate's role in global portfolio strategies


Some of the latest research from IPD discusses the place of real estate in a global multi-asset class portfolio, as investors increasingly diversify away from the traditional sectors of bonds and equities.

IPD European Conference highlights real estate's growing attraction for asset owners


The latest IPD European Property Investment Conference, held in Lisbon at the end of May, had some promising messages for real estate as an investment asset class.

A leap forward in transparency as IPD index measurement reaches 25% of global property


The 25 most developed global commercial real estate markets now have a total market value of $5.4 trillion, according to estimates from the IPD Global Annual Property Index, with 24.8% (or $1.3 trillion), now being captured directly in global property indices.

The best in retail? - IPD UK Supermarket Investment Performance 2013


Despite the divided UK retail market, supermarkets have performed with remarkable uniformity across the UK in the last year, according to IPD's Greg Mansell, who made the comments while presenting the IPD Supermarkets Investment Report at Supermarkets 2013 - the UK's only dedicated conference for the sector.

Healthcare investors hold their breath amidst sector reforms


Despite the largest reforms to the primary care trust since its inception, and the significant readjustments expected in the ailing care homes sector, healthcare investments still returned 7.2% in 2011.

'Inside Lending,' the IPD reponse to the De Montfort Report on UK commercial property lending


In its response to the De Montfort Report on commercial property lending, which saw UK real estate debt decline by 8% in 2012, IPD identified the need for careful asset selection and active management amongst lenders wishing to enter the market.

PREA/IPD US Quarterly Property Fund Index launch - Q1 2013


The Pension Real Estate Association (PREA) and IPD held a joint webinar on Monday, May 20 to release the Q1 2013 results for the PREA/IPD U.S. Quarterly Property Fund Index.

IPD German Office Rent Reversion Index (DMX)


​IPD released the annual IPD German Office Rent Reversion Index (DMX) at a launch held to an audience of around 65 delegates, in Frankfurt, on 16 May 2013. Focusing on rents of standing office leases compared with sustainable office market rents, the index shows the potential for rental growth in Germany's major office locations.

Patterns of performance in CEE real estate markets, by Nassos Manginas


The current status quo and the growth prospects of the CEE real estate regional markets was the topic of the IPD/PIE Central and Eastern Europe Conference in Vienna yesterday. The event was again a focal point for delegates to learn more about the region's prospects, with experts advising on a section of Europe that is likely to continue growing in the future.

Quality of income in the UK, rather than quality of asset - Q1 2013 IPD/IPF Quarterly Briefing


The growing importance of quality of income in the UK, rather than quality of asset was discussed at the IPD/IPF Quarterly Briefing on 2 May 2013, with results for the first quarter of the year showing secondary assets with long, secure leases to be outperforming prime stock.

Throwback Thursday: 2007 - Deleveraging and unpacking the impacts of assets, by Ian Cullen


Ian Cullen's report from late 2007, the first few critical months of the downturn, addresses the rise in the use of indirect and unlisted vehicles, their growing use of debt, and the ensuing difficulties presented in performance measurement.

Is UK auction buyer support slowing the fall in retail property prices?


Yields in excess of 8.3% for retail stock sold at auction give buyers considerable "room for manoeuvre" when negotiating lettings, according to IPD's Greg Mansell. This presents one of the few bright spots for the beleaguered UK high street where much can be gained from lowering rents for retailers.

IPD presentation on cross-border real estate flows, Harvard University Graduate School of Design


At the third "International Strategies in Real Estate" Executive Education program at Harvard University Graduate School of Design on 22-26th April, IPD's Peter Hobbs delivered a presentation focused on understanding cross-border real estate flows.

IPD Belgium Annual Property Index launch - Tuesday, 16th April 2013


In addition to the announcement of the performance results of real estate in Belgium for 2012, an IPD Belgium Annual Property Index Launch was held on Tuesday 16 April 2013 in Brussels, where discussions focused on 'The market for real estate funds after the implementation of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD)'.

Throwback Thursday: Problems in valuation - Valuing in a falling market


IPD report from 1992 shows the distance that property valuation methodology has come in the last two decades.

Global real estate in 2012 - a world of two halves?


According to the IPD Global Annual Property Index, in 2012 global real estate returned 7.4%, somewhat down on 2011, but still in recovery with property values rising. Over the last three years, real estate has performed more strongly than either of the major asset classes, its return of 8.8% for the period eclipsing that on both equities (7.0%) and equities (6.6%).

ESG Integration across Asset Classes


On 11 April 2013, MSCI ESG Research, the Centre for Responsible Banking and Finance (RBF), University of St Andrews, VBDO and UKSIF hosted three regional Global ESG Leaders webinars for APAC, EMEA and North America.

MIPIM 2013: Investing in residential and social housing


The role of government is important in determining investment prospects in many residential and social housing markets around the world. On the one hand, there is the desire to expand the privately-generated supply of social and affordable housing, as was observed by speakers from the UK, France and Russia.

MIPIM 2013: The regulation game


Speakers in this IPD co-organised session stressed the continuing uncertainty surrounding key elements of European regulation, even with implementation deadlines fast approaching.

MIPIM 2013: South Africa and its neighbouring markets


Panellists during this session emphasised that the rapid urbanisation taking place in many African countries was offering big opportunities for real estate investment, as long as the simultaneous risk of chaotic development can be overcome.

MIPIM 2013: Evolving investment structures in Europe


Both listed funds and REITs continue to have a place in investment portfolios, according to panellists in an IPD co-organised conference session at MIPIM.

MIPIM 2013: European retail as an investment


Robert Bonwell, CEO EMEA Retail at Jones Lang LaSalle, stressed that retail has taken place through many channels over a long period - it's only the advent of internet retail that is truly new.

Retail Must Contract to Survive


Home Retail Group's plans to cut 75 Argos stores from its portfolio when their leases expire would, five years ago, have been unthinkable. Then again, in that short time we have seen three decades of retail expansion come crashing to an end.

Global real estate continues to recover from the global financial crisis, but performance slowed during 2012


Across asset classes, 2012 was the year of strong equity performance, with the MSCI World Index posting a return of close to 15% for the year as a whole. Real estate securities markets saw even stronger performance, at over 20% for most major markets.

Crisis - What Crisis? Swedish Real Estate Shines as a Beacon of Resilience


While many European property markets have seen big upheavals over the last five years, Sweden has produced a level and consistency of performance that is the envy of the rest of the continent's real estate professionals.

Routes to Recovery


In a property market that currently dreams of the sky-high 19% IPD index returns of 2006, there are clear routes to navigate the challenges of a comparatively flat market: picking the right assets and ensuring you have the specialism to get the most from them.

Pier into 2013 in Brighton


The sweeping Georgian facades that peer into Brighton's curious side-streets offer an appropriate backdrop for the property investment world's annual seaside soiree. Like the slightly ramshackle coastal architecture of yesteryear, everyone has had to regroup, dust themselves off and get back into place.

The Name's Bond: UK Real Estate Continues to Major on Risk Limitation and Income


Investment theory teaches that real estate performs as something of a hybrid between equities and bonds. But in recent years, it seems that UK property has taken on more of a bond-like mantle, both in the minds of investors and in some of its performance characteristics.

Piers of Possibilities at IPD's Annual Conference


It may be synonymous with Bank Holidays, stag weekends and jaded eighties arcades, but it's Brighton's reputation as being a robust, hard wearing 'rock' of a town that continues to set it as the perfect backdrop for commercial property's annual shindig.

UK's Secondary Stock Sees Values Fall to New Low


As the UK's leading landlords, investors and pension funds gather today in Brighton for the two-day annual IPD/IPF Property Investment Conference, a new report reveals the full extent of secondary property value declines to be worse than initially feared.

Alternative Real Estate Performance Boosts the Case for Investment


UK institutions, and in particular pension funds, have a reputation for risk aversion when it comes to investment allocation decisions. On average, the typical institutional investment portfolio consists of 45% equities, 45% fixed income and 10% real estate.

Logistics - An Emerging Investment Sector in Europe


Tim Horsey, Editor of Real Return, examines IPD's recent innovative report on this part of the industrial investment landscape.

IPD Moves into the Global Infrastructure Arena


Anthony De Francesco, Managing Director IPD Australia and New Zealand, explains that the new Australian infrastructure index will bring much needed transparency to the sector.

UK Residential Investment: A Good Home for Capital?


Malcolm Hunt explains why residential real estate is coming onto UK institutions' radar. For those of us who remember our student digs, I'm willing to bet that we would never have considered renting professionally managed, privately built flats. Student dives were the norm, unpleasant and character building as they were.

Alternative Real Estate Investments - Has the Time Come?


Tim Horsey, Editor of Real Return, reports on the IPD Alternative Investments Conference The boundaries of real estate as an investment asset class are being redrawn. The success of the IPD Alternative Investments Conference, held in London on 23 October, suggests that something is shifting.

The Major Risk Factor?


Tim Horsey considers the importance of income risk for real estate investors Income is moving higher up the risk agenda for real estate investors worldwide. Three of the four other articles in this issue of Real Return refer to income risk, and it is one of the main focuses of the role of Hauke Brede, Chief Risk Officer at Allianz Real Estate, who is interviewed in this edition.

AIFMD, Risk and the Fund Manager


Luurt van der Ploeg, CFO of Vesteda, speaks to Real Return about the importance of risk management for the organisation and the likely impact of AIFMD (Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive).

Banking on better data


Andy Armstrong, Head of UK Real Estate at HSBC' will be speaking in the opening session of the IPD/IPD Conference at Brighton on 25-26 November. Here he talks to Real Return about his organisation's approach to risk management for property loan books, which now includes the use of IPD data.

North American Risk Management: Rules & Tools


Brent McElreath, consultant to IPD in the US, explains how regulation here is increasing the pressure for risk measurement services like IRIS.

Putting Property Performance Risk into Closer Focus


Ian Cullen, Founding Director and Head of Information Standards at IPD, explains how its new Transactions Linked Indices give a clearer perspective on the volatility of real estate markets.

Back to the Grind and Back to Income


With the summer now over it is an opportune time to take stock. With commercial property values back in decline and the outlook, according to consensus forecasts, for flat or negative growth over the next five years, the onus is back on income return to provide the bulk of investors' returns, in the near term at least.

A New Dawn for the European Real Estate Capital Market


Glenn Corney, IPD's newly appointed Head of Lender Services, discusses the evolution of real estate capital markets, and how IPD is working with lenders to bring about much needed change.

Private Equity will be a Pyrrhic Victory


Relying on private equity to bridge funding gap a 'pyrrhic' victory Though global private equity flows are a viable bridge for the funding gap set to hit European real estate in the next five years, heavily discounted sales brought about by new regulations would make it a pyrrhic victory for those disposing of the assets.

New Fund Types Needed


New investment vehicles are needed in the indirect UK property market to meet changing institutional demand, particularly from the rising number of defined contribution pension schemes and retail investors.

Do Investors Take Security of Income for Granted in the UK?


Falling capital values have re-emphasised the importance of income returns to property investors, but the economic difficulties besieging the UK market are leading to increased risks to this normally stable component of returns.

A Global Approach to Risk


As Chief Risk Officer, Brede is responsible for risk management for all Allianz's real estate equity investments globally - held both directly and indirectly - totalling some 20bn in value. "These investments have been made on behalf of the Allianz national insurance businesses," explains Brede, "with those in Germany, France and Switzerland taking the largest shares, broadly in line with the structure of their liabilities.

Long Lease Price Premiums Reach New High


Does stability offset the price premiums of long leased assets in the UK? Falling values and shorter tenancies in the UK property market have led to more UK investors and funds specifically targeting long leased assets, in a bid to protect income streams and values.

Special Performance


Daniel Piazolo and Sebastian Glaesner investigate the investment performance of Spezialfonds. Did they outperform open-ended public funds?

Global Cities Performance Commentary - May 2012


If 2010 represented a comeback year for global property markets, then 2011 must have given real estate investors pause for concern. The global supply chain faced dual challenges, first from political instability in the Middle East and North Africa and then from a devastating earthquake in Japan.

Will Dublin's Docklands Lead the Irish Revival?


Hopes for a visible sign of recovery in the Irish property market were postponed for at least another quarter in Q2, as still weak demand from tenants for space led to a further 1.8 per cent fall in property values across Ireland.

Fund Managers Eye Alternatives to Find a Way Out of the Woods


Bleak reading again for the industry this quarter - with values falling by a further -1.0 per cent, and total returns sliding to 0.4 per cent, lower even than Ireland's.

All in the same boat? A weakening of the IPD European fund indices in 2011


This article brings together some key findings from the latest results of IPD's European unlisted fund indices, with the continent starting to see currency upheavals hitting the recovery that had emerged in the previous two years.

The Real Estate World on Your Laptop


Mark Clacy-Jones, Head of Indices at IPD, tells Real Return about the IPD Global Index and the ever-expanding suite of national market indices which underlie it - as well as highlighting some key worldwide results for 2011.

One Good Return Deserves Another


Christina Cudworth, IPD Group Marketing Director and Head of Sustainability, and Jess Stevens, Sustainability Risk Analyst, explain how IPD is helping to fill the performance information gap for real estate sustainability around the world.

City Performance to Suit Your Style


In the wake of this year's Pan-European Index and Global Index launches, IPD's latest global data is now available at city level in a new format, explains Greg Mansell, Senior Research Manager at IPD.

The Attributes of Performance


Attribution analysis for German real estate funds: Dissecting institutional fund returns in property returns, liquidity return, leverage and TER

Global Cities Update


The global economic landscape shifted dramatically over the course of 2011. The year opened with an upbeat outlook for economic growth, but within weeks, downside risks began piling up.

Myth and Reality in Workplace Change


John Blackwell, Managing Director of Quora Consulting, will be speaking at the IPD Occupiers Conference on 3rd July, in a session on the changing workplace. Here he tells IPD how he believes organisations should be thinking about the issue of workplace change.

Information, information, information


This edition of Real Return is dedicated entirely to recent IPD innovations in its market information services. In this opening article we outline some of the most important developments and speak to Sabina Kalyan, Chief Economist for CBRE Global Investors, about what they mean to her.

Choosing The Right Benchmark, A US Perspective


Investors and managers alike will get most out of their benchmarking by establishing relevant yardsticks for assessing their funds' performance.

Getting To Grips With Property Operating Costs


IPD Germany, which began offering property investment benchmarking in 1998, has always placed a strong emphasis on the measurement of property operating costs. Overall, the level of operating costs incurred by investors stands at around 19% of gross income, a higher level than in the UK and France, though considerably lower than in the Nordic region.

Pan European Funds Index Opens Up New Benchmarking Potential


On 16th March 2012 IPD will release a brand new Pan-European Funds Index, capturing, for the first time, the performance of funds devoted to investment across the continent. This Index will measure full net asset value-based fund performance, as received by the investors in the funds covered, and will represent the first benchmark for this kind of fund with full analytical capacity.

A Must Have: An Investor's Perspective In Real Estate Fund Benchmarking


Derek Williams, Director of Private Real Estate at Russell, speaks about his organisation's views on benchmarking. Williams leads the global private real estate team and oversees all manager research and portfolio management activities for Russell's private real estate investments.

An Unbalanced Property Market; A 'bubble' in London?


By Ben Habib, CEO, First Property Group plc. Ben Habib, CEO of First Property Group plc, the commercial property fund manager, looks at the current situation in the UK property market and shares his thoughts on the London ‘bubble’…...

UK Town and City Performance


Outside of the Capital, growth remained lopsided in 2011, but regional town and city performance was not the write-off that reports suggest. Levels of supply, government cuts, disposable incomes and local employment were variable factors which led to a significant disparity in returns in cities barely fifty miles apart.

The Case For Residential


Residential, the forgotten core. The market is in a challenging position today. While first time buyers struggle to get on the ladder, (and their numbers are set to increase by 1.5 million in the next decade) the construction industry is stuck at absolutely inadequate levels and based on a broken mortgage debt model.

The importance of being benchmarked


The first edition of Real Return for 2012 is exclusively devoted to real estate benchmarking and portfolio analysis. This is appropriate at the start of the year, as benchmarking is all about change - understanding changes that could be made to an investment portfolio in order to raise performance in the future.

The Truth About Residential, What's Driving The Sector, And The Practical Pitfalls


Developing the structure and skills to make residential yields profitable. There are over 26 million homes in the country, worth about £5.2trillion. About 5m of these are in the social rented sector, 4m in the PRS (Private Rented Sector), 12m in mortgages, and 8m are owned outright.

Is The Upwards Only Rent Review The Red Squirrel Of The Leasing Market?


Is the upwards only rent review the red squirrel of the leasing market? Where to start? This is a journey into a new land, and, as with every journey, we need to know where we want to end up. The question is, what is the alternative to the standard FRI upward only rent review, and is the UK lease still fit for purpose?

Property In The Age Of Regulation: Fit, Misfit, Or Misunderstood?


What you cannot avoid, enjoy European regulation has increased considerably in the fallout from the credit crunch. The last few weeks have seen even more devolution of powers to the European technocrats. But though we are transfixed by Europe, we should try to look at regulation as a whole - there is plenty from our own government and internationally - and focus on the regulatory framework this will create over the next five or ten years.

London Continues To Be The Top Performer, But Returns Outside The Capital Offer An Attractive Alternative


London continues to be the top performer, but returns outside the capital offer an attractive alternative UK residential investment performance by asset quality (yield) and Region.

Solvency II Update


Today's news headlines are dominated by the Euro crisis and the volatility it is causing in government debt spreads and equity markets. Even for the insurance business, this is diverting attention from regulatory issues such as Solvency II.

What Does UK Property Now Have To Offer Investors?


What is important in the UK property market? Firstly, size. The UK is the fourth largest property investment market in the world, which brings a lot of action, from both domestic and international investors. While the Canadian and Australian markets are relatively small, and still struggling with the idea that their investment cannot be absorbed, the UK has enough depth for a considerable amount of interest.

Solvency || update


Marieke van Kamp, Head of Real Estate for ING Insurance Benelux, believes the latest draft regulations should be viewed positively by insurers investing in indirect property funds.

Benchmarking active management


Malcolm Frodsham, IPD Director of Research, tells Real Return about a new IPD UK project to define active management's contribution to fund styles - for the purpose of benchmarking active management in the near future.

Bringing debt indices to Europe


Real Return examines the Giliberto-Levy Commercial Mortgage Performance Index, one of the most recent additions to the IPD index stable, which may soon be joined by similar debt indices in Europe.

Getting under the skin of fund performance


Cameron McVean, IPD Head of Fund Reporting, speaks to Real Return about how IPD property fund investment reporting is set to enrich investors' understanding of their fund holdings.

IPD Pan-Asian research highlights 2010 market recovery


Kevin Swaddle, Managing Director, IPD Asia talks to Real Return about the Pan-Asian research report now covering nine markets.

International rescue: IPD report on Solvency || comes to the aid of European property investment


The importance of IPD's Solvency II Review, published in May, was borne out in discussions at the recent IPD European Property Investment Conference in Amsterdam.

Performance matters


Janet Perry of PRUPIM, Alan Meakin of The Crown Estate and Nigel Bennett of RREEF speak to Real Return about how IPD UK portfolio analysis reporting helps them.